MTC upper management visits Swedish plant to build for the future

Several members of Metal Technology Co. Ltd.’s (MTC) upper management, including newly promoted board member Miho Norinaga, visited to MTC Powder Solutions (MTC PS) in Surahammar, Sweden. MTC PS were both pleased and excited to be able to welcome the Japanese contingent to Sweden and the facility despite the continued restrictions due to Covid-19.  

Several activities to support an in-depth look at the business and the business potential ahead were organized by Magnus Nyström, CEO. A detailed tour of the factory and opportunities to meet members of the MTC PS team at every level ensured that MTC Japan could clearly understand the company`s full capabilities, progress being made, and future development and investment needed firsthand.  

“To be onsite and be able to take time and to observe the skills and capabilities that we knew MTC PS had when we acquired the company, supports our understanding and the opportunities for moving forward as one company.” Commented Miho Norinaga (a member of the board of directors for MTC Japan and currently responsible for the development and strategy for Sales in the company.) 

To function as one company and leverage both companies' respective strengths and knowledge has proven to be a very successful concept producing drastic increases in MTC PS’ order intake despite operating in industries heavily affected by the downturn caused by the pandemic.  

“It`s fantastic to have the upper management here to see the local business. But, also to see where their support can further strengthen the ongoing knowledge transfer between the whole of the MTC network on a global level for our customers. Commented Iain Dandy (one of the project leaders for the Knowledge transfer projects between the companies).