MTC Powder Solutions continues to invest in Surahammar Facility!

MTC Powder Solutions (MTC PS), the newest addition to Metal Technology Co. Ltd. (MTC), recently completed a significant upgrade to its Hot Isostatic Press (HIP) unit in its Swedish production site. The upgrade sees the HIP unit modernized to extend its capability and envelope to align with our customer’s future needs.

“Over a very short period we have invested heavily in our production site to increase capacity and this is just one of many additional milestones to be met to support the increase of new business”, commented Magnus Nyström - Managing Director at MTC PS.

In 2019 completion of the extensive new capsule welding facility saw MTC PS increase the onsite welding capacity by roughly 200% for its Near-Net Shape HIP business segment and meet the increased demand of NNS HIP components. The HIP upgrade project supports the development in harmonizing the production capability and opening up the opportunity to support new customers in new markets for MTC PS.

Alongside these investments over a two year time frame MTC PS has also successfully installed a new saw to be utilized for test material on production components onsite, increasing traceability and literally cutting lead time.

“These are exciting times for MTC, and in particular MTC PS, as we demonstrate our desire to provide an efficient and trustworthy service. Significantly for me the additions and investments we are witnessing are complimentary to supporting the alignment of the two companies into a global service.” Commented Iain Dandy – New Business manager at MTC PS

MTC PS continues to strive to align to customers’ needs and to be the stand out and preferred partner for NNS HIP components.