MTC Powder Solutions continued investment in meeting industry demands

MTC Powder Solutions (MTC PS), part of Metal Technology Co Ltd. (MTC), have continued to upgrade the sheet metal workshop recently installing a new press brake unit. This unit will be utilized to further support the Powder Metallurgy Hot Isostatic Pressing (PM HIP) business segment. This investment is one part of a series of new investments that MTC have taken to increase on-site capacity at the Swedish facility. The additions in workforce, equipment, and capability play an important role to meet the high demand for Near-Net Shape HIP components used in critical industries such as nuclear and chemical processing.

“We see a clear tendency that lead-times for conventional forgings are escalating due to the recent increase in market activity. Lead-times which many customers` fast track projects cannot accept. In reaction to this, we see a drive to utilise PM HIP as a replacement to many conventional forgings due to NNS HIP offering advantages with less fabrication which ultimately reduces project lead times.” Commented Jimmy Bovin, Global Product Manager at MTC PS.

While replacing many conventional forgings in materials such as Duplex, Super Duplex and Alloy 625 the old designs can often be “upgraded” as PM HIP offers more freedom in design thanks to being more of an additive manufacturing (AM) technology than a conventional manufacturing technique. This often results in the ability to design more complex geometries to meet customers’ needs effectively. The new press brake unit plays an important role in enabling us the freedom to develop and create these designs with onsite and critical manufacturing collaboration throughout the process within the factory.

As a result of several customers adopting an AM design mentality, the geometries of the components we produce are evolving. We felt that having the capability to bend sheet metal specifically into unique shapes onsite enables us to connect and meet the customer`s desires. We will be able to produce quicker and can also rapidly implement design changes and improvements in align with our customers.Commented Peter Falk, Technical Sales Engineer.

MTC PS will continue to work to be the preferred collaborator and supplier for PM NNS HIP components and is continuously adapting to be ahead of the industry’s needs.