MTC Powder Solutions arena partner of SuraPadelCourt

The simplest way to contribute to society and the environment is to maintain your surroundings and to encourage and support making the area we influence healthier. Here in Surahammar, Sweden, MTC Powder Solutions is trying to support healthier lives and promote well-being for all at all ages. It is important for us, as a company, to be part of society and contribute in various ways to the development of healthy lifestyles in addition to providing employment and stimulating the local economy.

“It`s an absolute pleasure to be able to support the construction of a brand new Padel court for all to use in Surahammar. As a company MTC PS wants to contribute to both local business and local people” commented CEO Magnus Nyström.

The two courts will be named after two of Metal Technology Co. Ltd (MTC) Hot Isostatic Presses (HIP) units; the GIGA HIP and the MEGA HIP. These two HIP units are two out of a total of 21 units MTC operates globally and the GIGA HIP is actually the world’s largest HIP autoclave.

MTC Powder Solutions are already sponsors for other activities such as ice hockey and horse riding locally. For us as a company we understand that Surahammar and the local area is a vital part of our foundations and this allows us to develop the company, which contributes to the development of the entire region.