MTC Powder Solutions announces massive expansion plan with further progress and investment in Sweden.

Known as Project SHIN (進) MTC Powder Solutions (MTC PS) plans in establishing a high quality and effective supply for Near-Net Shape (NNS) parts in an array of industries has quietly progressed and grown over the last two years. MTC PS is now entering into the next phase of investment, a phase which provides a large investment in a brand-new facility specifically designed and tailormade to improve efficiency and expand capability to support further future growth in the NNS field across the board.


The project includes the installation of a large 1.6m by 3.5m state-of-the-art HIP unit which will be the second largest HIP autoclave in the Metal Technology Co. Ltd. (MTC) family significantly extending the size envelope of NNS HIP components the group can produce in Europe. Installation of the new HIP will begin immediately, and the HIP unit will facilitate the expansion of our NNS capabilities, enabling us to further cater for our customer needs and expand our customer base.


“Looking back at 2020 when our journey started with acquiring Sandvik Powder Solutions I’m pleased to see that we are now entering into the next phase of project Shin; continuing our drive in establishing MTCs footprint globally as planned.” Tetsuhito Hirayama, Chairman of the Board


From the commencement of the acquisition multiple investments have been implemented. Each of these investments have successfully increased efficiency and capabilities of the Swedish production site supporting the increasing demand of Powder Metal (PM) Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP) components from both existing and new customers.


“I have been waiting for years to fulfil the potential we have at our fingertips here in Sweden and with the amazing support and collaboration with MTC has enabled us to make strides above and beyond all expectations and it’s exciting to see the future.” Magnus Nyström, Managing Director


Indeed, whilst this investment announcement is a huge commitment to the current facility and its capabilities there is a sense that MTC and MTC PS are not at the end of their journey, but more the beginning.