Graphmatech and MTC Powder Solutions Forge Pioneering Partnership for Advanced Metal-Graphene Composites through HIP Technology

As the world progresses towards a more sustainable future, the imperative for superior metals, boasting enhanced mechanical, electrical, and thermal properties, has become increasingly vital. These advanced materials are essential for meeting the evolving needs for electrification of emerging energy sources such as hydrogen.

Graphmatech, a pioneering materials technology company, and MTC Powder Solutions (MTC PS), a leading Company in hot isostatic pressing (HIP), are thrilled to announce the signing of a cooperation agreement to develop advanced metal-graphene composites for various industrial applications. This partnership aims to offer cutting-edge HIPed metal-graphene solutions to global industries.

Graphmatech’s groundbreaking graphene-engineered metal powder combines the exceptional properties of graphene with various metals. This breakthrough technology brings metals to new levels of performance, making them ideal for applications in electrification, energy-related and high-precision sectors.

MTC PS plans to develop and offer HIPed metal-graphene for a wide range of electrification, energy, and Big Science, applications further propelling the transition towards a sustainable future.

Jimmy Bovin, Sales & Marketing Manager of MTC Powder Solutions, expressed confidence in the partnership’s potential, stating,

“As we typically assist our customers in increasing performance and lifetime of their metallic components used in challenging environments, we are confident that the collaboration between MTC Powder Solutions and Graphmatech will yield innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of the industry."

Mamoun Taher, CEO of Graphmatech, echoed this sentiment, expressing his enthusiasm for the collaboration:

 “Graphmatech is enthusiastic about joining forces with MTC Powder Solutions to deliver superior metals and drive a meaningful global impact."

Graphmatech and MTC PS are dedicated to developing and offering advanced metal-graphene solutions, driving innovation, and fostering sustainability in the electrification, high-precision, and energy sectors.

About Graphmatech

Graphmatech AB delivers patented next-generation materials to support the green transition. The company is best known for its products for the hydrogen economy, improved metals for electrification. Founded as a spinout from Uppsala University in 2017, Graphmatech is a privately held Swedish company with a diverse team.

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About MTC Powder Solutions:

MTC Powder Solutions specializes in Powder Metallurgy Hot Isostatic Pressed Near-Net Shape (PM HIP NNS) components, offering advanced materials solutions for electrification, energy, and aerospace industries. With a dedication to excellence and continuous innovation, MTC Powder Solutions aims to push the boundaries of materials engineering and contribute to a sustainable future.

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