Development and Personal Improvement at MTC Powder Solutions

Many great businesses attribute a good deal of their success to having great people. In addition to retaining these effective and productive employees as much as possible MTC Powder Solutions wants to keep our team great by providing professional development opportunities.

Recently MTC PS held an internal seminar on the topic of Stainless Steels lead by Dr. Jan-Olof Nilsson, Senior Advisor on Materials Technology at MTC Powder Solutions. At the event Dr. Nilsson provided a comprehensive introduction to Stainless Steels to engineers, sales, and project management staff at MTC PS. Jan-Olof has an extensive background in materials technology and especially physical metallurgy.

The introduction covered several key areas including topics like, the development of Super Duplex and Duplex materials such as a Lean, or fat types; the seven families of Stainless materials like, Ferritic, NI-rich, and Austenitic were also highlighted. These topics as well as other interesting and related areas made the event a great success. The event provided active learning and sharing of knowledge while also providing an opportunity to share as specialist from diverse perspectives and experiences.