World’s biggest HIP autoclave NORSOK qualified

Are your NORSOK 25Cr Super Duplex parts getting bigger and bigger? Have you ever felt restricted on the sizes that could be produced utilizing Powder Metallurgy Neat-Net Shape (NNS) HIP manufacturing technology?

During 2019, MTC Powder Solutions, at that time Sandvik Powder Solutions, qualified together with MTC, the world’s biggest HIP autoclave, for NORSOK M650 D54 deliveries pushing the HIP technology further. Many components have since then been delivered to demanding projects all over the world.

The size of the components possible to manufacture by NNS HIP is limited by the size of the cylindrical HIP autoclave used for the “densification” process; the component needs to be able to fit into the HIP unit prior to the HIP activity. So the bigger HIP unit you can use the bigger the components can be!

The O&G industry is changing, tomorrow’s subsea fields are in harsher environments, pushing the materials closer to their limits. Project cost need to be kept at to a minimum; at the same time, the design life of the components used needs to be extended. NNS HIP is there to meet today’s and tomorrow’s challenges! MTC Powder Solutions is positioning itself to push the existing limitations - are you?

How many welds can you reduce on your subsea manifolds now when longer lengths can be HIPed? How much machining can you remove now when your biggest valve blocks could be manufactured by HIP? How much can you extend the design life of your subsea pumps when the casing can be HIPed increasing HISC resistance?

Let’s meet tomorrow’s challenges together, get in touch!