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No more surprises

Nothing is more frustrating than conducting non-destructive examination (NDE) of a part and discovering cracks or voids in the casting, surface defect tears or other irregularities that ultimately lead to scrapping or extensive repair work. This includes weld repairs due to porosity, cracks, segregation or defects in the heat-affected zone of a weld. Fortunately, HIP avoids these issues. In fact, in our 30 years of HIP operation, we have never detected a defect – a safety track record we intend to maintain.

100% ultrasonic inspection

We conduct 100% on-site ultrasonic testing to check for any potential surface and subsurface defects that could lead to expensive breakdowns. This is based on a carefully mapped out scan plan of our CAD drawings made by NDT Level 3 certified personnel. The technique uses high-frequency sound waves that travel through the material and reflect waves when they encounter any flaws or irregularities. We can also perform dye penetration inspection (DPI) and destructive testing, depending on your requirements.

Non-destructive examination (NDE)

Non-destructive testing services

“Whether scanning a subsea manifold, welding joints or checking structural integrity, it’s primarily about one thing – making life safer.” DEKRA Industries UT Inspector at MTC