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Create intricate designs

Imagine creating any component you want, in any geometry, with minimal risk of HISC, no weaknesses, no cracks due to welding and less costly machining and welding – all in half the time of a forged or cast product. Now imagine using a super-duplex stainless steel to reduce your wall thickness by 30-40% and optimize your design, while still utilizing 100% of standard properties in your design calculation and meeting quality standards like DNV OS F-101!

Rethink component manufacturing

This is the reality of using HIP Powder Metallurgy Near-Net Shape (PM NNS) as a design alternative for both simple and complex geometries. Whether you are producing a large steam chest for a power plant, pump parts for mining, a subsea manifold, valve body, wye piece, nozzle or another component, the HIP process opens up many possibilities. For example, valve bodies can be produced with integrated flanges without welding. And, in some cases, HIP may allow you to produce complex shapes not obtainable by any other technology.

Intricate design

Saving on material costs

Depending on the component, it’s not uncommon to save 30-40% on your material costs with HIPing since the shape you produce will conform closely with specified dimensions. Consider, for example, that a 5-ton component may require up to 20 tons of metal stock to produce using conventional methods, with the cost today for alloying elements like Ni, Co an Mo, is this really acceptable? Net shape or near-net shape manufacturing ensures that 85-95% of the material purchased is actually used.

Lighter and just as strong

Another advantage, is the ability to make thin-wall casings using modern Ni-based superalloys for high-temperature performance. Such alloys have excellent creep and low cycle fatigue resistance, making them ideal for high-performance needs where failure is not an option. They also help to extend the lifetime of the component, avoiding unscheduled maintenance.

Common shapes